Unisplendour Corporation Limited – Company Profile


Established by Tsinghua Unisplendour (Group) Co., Ltd. in 1999 in China, Unisplendour Corporation Limited (UNIS) is an A-shares listed technology company (stock symbol: Unisplendour, stock code: 000938) specializing in electronics and information technology.

Armed with competitive business offerings and a keen sense on the pulse of the global IT industry, we at UNIS are singularly focused on the IT services industry and committed to building an integrated and robust industry chain linking together cloud services, the Internet, and clients. As we expand our presence in cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data processing and other areas of IT applications, we are poised to achieving full vertical integration as a service provider in the R&D, building, operation and maintenance of modern information systems. At present, the core business of UNIS covers essentially every important sector of IT services. In hardware, we offer advanced equipment, such as intelligent network equipment, storage systems and a full range of servers, that is geared to the future needs of computing architecture. In software, UNIS provides both desktop and mobile solutions for every key industry. Our business in IT services comprises technical consulting and delivery of IT infrastructure solutions and support services. UNIS integrates these software and hardware products and services into a unified whole through a cutting-edge top-down design, enabling its information systems to achieve full optimization and seamless operation. As a result, UNIS can provide every large-sized customer with a complete set of IT services tailored to their IT needs.

Looking ahead, UNIS will be primarily focused on expanding its global cloud businesses. Apart from continuing to provide our two basic services, one in building cloud computing infrastructure and the other in offering solutions to cloud computing applications, we are gaining momentum in expanding our platform-based cloud computing services. We are determined to shape UNIS into one of the major global cloud service providers in the world and offer the fullest and most capable IT platform services both domestically and internationally.

UNIS has its roots in Tsinghua University, which provides the talent pool and technological resources that help UNIS achieve robust and sustainable development. As a national key high-tech enterprise, UNIS has recorded a revenue of RMB 11.1 billion in 2014, and has been consistently ranked among China’s top 100 electronics and IT enterprises. Inspired by the rallying call of the Chinese Dream, UNIS will continue to innovate and make bold strides, and, together with customers, partners, shareholders and employees, reach newer heights in the modern era.